“Our pastor ended the service yesterday with a powerful charge for us — he said the best part of stepping out to do something God has asked us to do is that God will meet us there. He doesn’t ask us to do something hard without promising to walk with us. In our current season of life and transition, this has proven true in so many different ways.

We have been working to raise the last of our support so we can move to Thailand at the end of October. We had two big trips out to see family, friends and strangers during the month of July and it truly felt like an outpouring of God’s grace. We reconnected with old friends, talked for hours with some of our favorite friends, Billy preached at his dad’s church, and even met some new friends.

Along the way, it seemed that God opened up the floodgates and these generous people gave in large ways. A group from a church in Missouri gathered and gave generously. College students in California chose us as their summer giving project and gave almost $5,000. A church in Mississippi responded with a special offering. Friends and family sacrificially committed to giving each month to our ministry and a few surprised us with special gifts totaling in the thousands. We joked that God was showing off as each new giving happened.

We are often asked how much each person should give to support our ministry. There are different opinions of how to answer but I find myself saying – – “Ask God what you should give.” And lately, I believe this more than ever. God knows better than we do the amount of money that we need. He also knows all the details and needs that our friends are juggling as they decide to give. If God is asking us to sacrifice, part of the journey is listening to him and responding in obedience.

Going to Thailand is a sacrifice for our family but behind the scenes there are more people choosing to sacrifice in big ways. It is humbling and truly unbelievable that this is how God chooses to work. A body of believers coming together to see His church grow in Asia – that is completely counter culture.

Sometimes that looks like thousands of dollars and sometimes it looks like pennies. In Mississippi, Billy met a lady who pulled him aside after the church service. She explained that she hadn’t worked in a while but she still wanted to give. She opened up her wallet and poured out all the change she had into Billy’s hand. Both kinds of giving are sacrifices that continue to astound us. We are learning to trust that God can work out the math that blends each of these cheerful givers into an equation that leads to Thailand.”

~ Kate Dempsey ~

**We now sit 10 weeks away from moving to Thailand.  In order to leave, we will need $1200 more in committed monthly giving.  Our “How to Help” page explains the giving process**

Written by Simply Dempsey