Today we close on our house.  Yesterday we said goodbye.

We put the For Sale sign in the yard 6 days before Thanksgiving.  It was a Saturday.  On Sunday, they came to see it.  On Tuesday, they made an offer.  On Wednesday, we had papers all signed and sealed. On Thursday, we had lots to be thankful for.

A sweet, undeserved gift is the only way to describe our house selling experience.  Not at all how I had planned or hoped.  I didn’t want to keep it show-ready-clean with my two rug rats running wild.  But I also didn’t want to let go so quickly.

I have seen again that God’s timing is good because it comes with his strength and his grace and his mercies.

Yesterday, at the wise advice of a friend, we took the boys to the house one last time.  Before she suggested it, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with all of this.  Do you let them see the emptiness?  Will they be sad?  Or will it help them understand?  Can they even understand ANY of this?

I’m glad we did it.  The day before Rush had asked Billy when we were going home to our real home.  It was good for him to see it empty and waiting for the new owners.  He asked what they would sleep on or play with since there are no beds or toys for them.  Finn checked all the closets looking for Rush’s bowling set – saying, “Bowling? Bowling? Bowling?”

Walking through our house reminded me of Finn’s favorite book these days — Goodnight Moon.  I wrote a version for us.  There are so many goodbyes in this journey. Saying goodbye is important and good.  There will be many more hellos.  Much of what we let go of here we will find again in Thailand.  Its not all sad.  There is relief and joy.  There is a weight lifted and a freedom.  There is a hopeful expectation of what God has in store.


Boys in House

Goodbye Home
In the small gray home

There was a staircase

And a garden gnome

And a little red–

Elmo chair made of foam.

And there were three little trains racing the planes

And two sunny summers

And a pair of drummers


And a little boy Finn

And a pile of bowling pins

And a ball and a Rush and 6 animals of plush

And a tired young mama who was whispering “hush!”


Goodbye home

Goodbye room

Goodbye Elmo made of foam.


Goodbye street

And the garden gnome

Goodbye trains

Goodbye planes

Goodbye summers

Goodbye drummers


Goodbye bowling alley

And goodbye artwork gallery


Goodbye hockey rink

And goodbye dish filled sink


Goodbye ball

And goodbye slide

Goodbye blanket forts

Goodbye animals of plush

And goodbye says the mama whispering “hush”


Goodbye hill made for sledding

Goodbye room of wrestling matches

Goodbye days of mended scratches

It was the best little house.  A street filled with wonderful neighbors.

A few first best friends for our kids.  Many great memories for our little family.

Here’s to the many many Hellos to come!

~ Kate ~

Goodbye House

Written by Simply Dempsey