We Are Goers.  We currently call Bangkok, Thailand home.


One reason for our going is that when you look in scripture it shows God’s desire for His WHOLE creation to know and worship Him.  As followers of Jesus, the desire we should have is to care for the things our heavenly Father cares about.  If He desires for the whole world to know Him, and there are places in the world where very few people have ever heard of what He did by sending Jesus to die for us, then what better way to live out this life than by going and sharing the gospel with those that have never heard.  We also feel that in going to Thailand we can use some of the specific gifts God has given us to address some of the specific burdens He has placed on our hearts.

In the end, God has put Thailand in our story and we are walking in obedience to that.


Missional communities in Bangkok that are equipping and forming leaders to launch kingdom initiatives.



We are $500 in monthly commitments from being 100% funded so that we can remain focused on the work God has called us to in Thailand.

The easiest way to give would be click Donate from our family giving page –  http://uwm.org/missionaries/11048/

Once there you can choose the method, amount and frequency of giving. The most helpful donations are those that are consistent so that we can operate from a budget.



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